Pop star and actress Kristina Orbakaite was born on 25th of May 1971. From the early years she was surrounded by talented and artistic people. Her father Mykolas Orbakas is a circus performer. Her mother is a "living legend" of Soviet and Russian pop-culture Alla Pugachova. From her mother Kristina inherited a perfect ear and the love for music, her father passed on his dancing and acting skills. 



When Kristina was a child she would study vocals and music every day after school, and after a visit to the Bolshoi Theater she convinced her mom to take her to a ballet school. Studying ballet helped her later in life when she became a part of Alla Pugachova’s dancing troop “Recital”. Kristina first appeared on TV at the age of seven with the song “The sun is laughing”. In 1982 in the popular TV program “Morning mail” she performed her first hit “Let them speak” (music by Igor Nikolaev) which was released on vinyl. Kristina’s first taste of fame came not from music but from the movies. Legendary director Rolan Bykov chose her to play a role of a fifth grader who fights for her independence and for being who she really is in the now a classic movie “Scarecrow”. For her role in this movie Kristina won many international awards and it was shown numerous times on the U.S. independent movie channels. “I started making money at 11” remembers Kristina, “than I felt what’s it like to be independent. I will always live like this; it’s probably in my nature”. Kristina’s music career started in 1992. On Alla Pugachova’s popular Christmas show, she performed a song which was written by Igor Nikolaev called “Let’s talk”. Shortly after, two music videos were released – “Call me” and “Sad”. All became instant hits in Russia.


In 1995 Kristina formed a group “Chuchelo”. This band of professional musicians and dancers was later renamed “Limita Extreme”.

“The Princess of Russian stage, her music is popular all over the world” – that’s the way she was introduced to prince Albert at the “World music awards” in Monte Carlo in May of 2000 where Kristina received an award for being the most popular singer in Russia.

On the 21st of May 1991 her first son Nikita was born. She successfully combined her work with raising a child. Seven years after another happy moment – the birth of her second child Deny. “My mother always taught me to be diligent and staying committed to my work” shares her secrets Kristina, “I want to raise my sons the same way”. In 2005 Kristina married an American businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. They have a daughter, Claudia, born on March 30, 2012. 

26th April 2013 Kristina received the award of "Meritorious Artist of the Russian Federation" from Russian President Vladimir Putin.



To Kristina’s credit are ten albums, hundreds of concerts and many movie roles. She is always either on tour, in the studio or on the movie set, but she never forgets to be a caring mother and a loved woman.